By: Peggy Campbell October 21, 2016

1-He was the blind half of a deaf/blind duo—as black and white as could be.  Bonus for naming the “deaf” actor.

2-Voiced by Jim Backus, this wealthy, short-statured retiree got into all kinds of comical troubles.  BTW—what else was Jim Backus famous for.  Oh, rats, I could have used him in my “US” quiz!

3-After winning hearts in “Roots,” he moved on to wearing an interesting “visor” in order to see space :-).  Actor?  Character?

4-She lost her sight as a teenager due to scarlet fever.  “Pa” helped her overcome adversity—as did her marriage to Adam Kendall.  Actress?  Series?

5-Iconic actress who portrayed a young blind woman terrorized by a trio of thugs in 1967 suspense thriller.  Bonus for naming the movie as well.

6-He played “Whistler” in one of my favorite Robert Redford films.  Bonus if you can name one of the other actors in this “shoe-string” film.

7-He won an Academy Award portraying a surly retired Army officer named Frank Slade.

8-The movie featured theme song “Through the Eyes of Love”—name either the actress or character of the film.

9-Name the “Covert Affairs” character who is a CIA military intelligence specials blinded while on a mission in Iraq.

10-Opposite Rock Hudson, she starred as the love interest blinded in an accident.  She also starred in real life as Mrs. Who?

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