By: Peggy Campbell December 4, 2017

1-Sometimes used to describe people we consider to be nuts ☺.

2-Rolled sponge cake with a buttercream/mousse filling. MMMMM.

3-We wish you a Merry Christmas—and won’t go until we get some of this!

4-This seasonal egg drink kicks milk up a notch … ours without the “spike” that is often added.

5-Whether truly to represent the staff of shepherds or not, this red and white tradition can now be found in a variety of flavors—at Von’s ☺!

6-Pork, chicken, beef or cheese—often a tradition for Hispanic families to prepare at the holidays. Which all of us non-Hispanics deeply appreciate! (Hint!)

7-Cake-like fruit bread typically covered with powdered sugar or icing ☺.

8-Whether it’s in “man” or “house” form—delicious!

9-Mel Torme helped turn these into Christmas tradition.

10-Hot mulled cider, the root of this term means “be healthy”!

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