By: Peggy Campbell January 17, 2020

1-Root beer mixed with a couple of shots of chocolate syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream.

2-Something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading.

3-Home of “endless shrimp,” “crabfest,” and very good Cheddar Bay biscuits.

4-A fabulous diamond and iconic movie series with Peter Sellers.

5-“A creative force on the jazz scene since 1981,” this band has 17 Grammy nominations to its credit.

6-Popular steakhouse chain founded in 1964.

7-This popular drink (yeah, I’m addicted) is also known for its videos of daring athletes.

8-Manufacturer of school buses, though those are definitely yellow.

9-Public transportation company nationwide.

10-Fictional masked crime-fighting superhero popularized first on radio.

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