By: Peggy Campbell December 15, 2017

1-Garments typically worn over the foot are placed with serious attention, and high expectations, near a vertical channel for release of combustion.

2-Warm winter garments festooned with holiday symbols viewed as unattractive by everyone but the wearer.

3-Connection on the lips transpiring beneath a piece of viscum album.

4-“Friendly neighbors” singing happily the canticles of the season often attired in fashion of the 1800s.

5-Liquid drawn from a cow and a small flat sweet cake set in anticipation of a jolly old soul.

6-I buy a gift card.  You buy a gift card.  You hand me yours.  I hand you mine.  Merry Christmas.

7-A special chart of the month of December whereby each day reveals a delightful picture or treasure behind the date.

8-Same ingredient as #5 mixed with the product of chickens.  Love it or hate it.  Like the fruitcake.

9-Chronicling your family’s experiences over the past year in great detail then distributing that to thousands of people who could truly care less.

10-A recently (we hope) evergreen (usually) is festooned with (typically) temperamental illumination and a variety (understatement) of pieces which range from homemade to Michael Aram-made … crowned by … well, is yours star or angel?

Ready to get your score?  Our custom is to send the answers to Peggy, and she’ll tell you how you did!  Send them in >>


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