By: Peggy Campbell May 26, 2020

All had the same problem!

1-Wife of a famous astronaut and former senator, she passed away this week at the age of 100.

2-Raised by royalty, he married an alien and had issues with his “holy” older brother—a dancing sister as well!

3-Wouldn’t know it based on that mellifluous Darth Vader voice.

4-Political leader (future president?) who currently sticks to his basement.

5-Linus Rawlings, Elwood P. Dowd, George Bailey, Jefferson Smith—he was them all.  (Bonus if you know the movies featuring those characters!)

6-Past president of radio/hospital ministry in South America.  (Bonus if you remember when the stuttering ended.)

7-Member of the Country Music Hall of Fame—“I Believe in You”!

8-Mrs. John Krasinski.

9-His fascinating story (never thought he’d put that crown on his head) became a superb movie featuring Colin Firth.

10-UCLA hero, he went on to play for three teams—and one of his sons ended up coaching the Lakers for a while!

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