By: Peggy Campbell October 19, 2018

The answer?  It’s a Disney Ride and just a little more.

1-Glider action / Jules Verne novel.

2-Disney’s Song of the South / animals in Heidi’s territory

3-Johnny Depp & Friends / travel by ship

4-Tarzan’s turf / MI star

5-Clan shipwrecked on island / this guy was as well tho he had Friday

6-The perimeter around you that you don’t want many stepping into / galactic roller coaster

7-Event in Alice in Wonderland / conservative political organization initiative

8-Where you’ll encounter Wind in the Willows characters / what you’ve got to do in L.A. if you want to beat the traffic

9-Ride this and you won’t stop singing the tune all day / Baseball’s main event

10-Experience in Neverland / formerly stewardess

How wild was your ride?  Check your answers with Peggy >>


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