By: Peggy Campbell December 5, 2016

Can you name the Composer … and the Song (or “work”!)

1-Though German-born, he became a naturalized citizen of Great Britain, where his magnificent music (Scriptural lyrics by Charles Jennens) was performed first in 1742.

2-Most known for his cowboy roles (and once owning the Angels), he wrote the lyrics about Santa’s lead elk.

3-He is the writer of America’s songbook in many ways (from “God Bless America” to “Alexander’s Ragtime Band)—including this tune that appeared in the movie of same name.

4-He was a long friend of Joni Eareckson Tada and supporter of her ministry—and just happened to write a little tune from a movie starring Judy Garland who sings the song to encourage her little sister.

5-He was “The Velvet Fog”; his song is synonymous (literally) with the season.

6-He (and his brother) was a prolific hymn writer (and preacher); his carol lyrics about the heavenly host were some rewritten by co-worker George Whitefield.

7-The song title is actually a probing question; it was written by a duo that includes a Gaither singer/humorist and a harmonica legend.

8-He was a blind musician who wanted his fire lit–and wrote this popular Christmas tune often heard in language other than English.

9-Recording artist and composer—she explains there is only one thing on her Christmas list.

10-This beloved Christmas tune speaks of the holy night of His birth; name the priest and the organist who wrote words/music.

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