By: Peggy Campbell October 5, 2018

1-A spider saved the pig.  Title of the book?

2-An Amish woman dances with a Philadelphia detective.  Title of the movie?  Song they dance to?

3-A baby is born, no room at the hotel.  City?

4-Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked the can.  Result?  City?

5-Presidential assassin is discovered and shot.  Name of guilty party?  Who did he kill?

6-A baby pig would like to be a sheepdog.  Movie?  Who owns a ginormous poster for it?  (Thank you, JC’s dad.)

7-Spiders are inadvertently transported in a coffin from South American jungle.  And … proliferate.  Movie title?

8-The dance is actually on the floor of a barn in process of being built–half dozen plus one guys and gals.  Title?  (If you love Ev, you’ll know that immediately!)

9-Hunters of tornado try to use a barn for protection.  Not a good plan.  Movie?

10-James Bond “flips” his female nemesis in which 007 film?  What iconic U.S. citadel was featured in the movie?

How’d you do?  Check your answers with Peggy >>


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