By: Peggy Campbell August 18, 2017

Well, I thought about this last week and decided I can’t resist … he was just such a remarkable musician—as you’ll see by questions that follow!

1-He was the seventh son of a seventh son … where was Glen born (4/22/36)?

2-Before he was a recording artist, he was a hit song writer.  Can you name the tune he wrote that was a hit for the Vogues?

3-As a studio musician, Glen’s guitar work can be heard on hundreds of tunes—a couple rather iconic.  Any idea which Beach Boys’ hits he played on?

4-His first #1 hit told the story of a glittery Westerner.  Title?

5-In 1967, he won four Grammys—name at least one of the songs and one of the awards.

6-The following year Campbell outsold which iconic foursome?

7-Name two cities that Glen sang about (title tunes).

8-He didn’t just sing—he co-starred in a classic.  Name the movie and its “other” star.

9-He also had a hit TV variety show for several years—which employed some gifted writers.  One “wild and crazy” guy went on to star in movies; another “Meathead” also starred in TV and film.  Name one of these guys.

10-He did add to revenue with a number of commercials—name one company for which Glen crooned.

How many did you get?  Send your answers to Peggy >>


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