By: Peggy Campbell January 16, 2017

1-Dipped in egg batter and usually fried.

2-Actually invented in Nashua NH, it may look like another popular salad topping but should be spicier .

3-It’s “kicked up a notch” by adding onion, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and sometimes other elements to standard grain.

4-Popular for eggs benedict or breakfast sandwiches.

5-Looks like ham to me.

6-These round nuggets are typically covered in brown gravy vs the kind from Italy.

7-Popular at breakfast as well, these are made with lighter batter and larger squares and deeper pockets than the American type.

8-Great with ham on rye—wholly wonderful.

9-Time for dessert—layers intersected by coconut-pecan frosting.

10-Chewy candy bar—Bonomo’s made it famous.

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