By: Peggy Campbell September 9, 2016

1-He’s just three (and a new sister is stealing some of the limelight) but a future king (perhaps); grandmother (!) died in a terrible crash (1997).  Great-grandmother?

2-She played the girl whose “diaries” took her from schoolgirl to future royalty; grandmother was played by, well, how do you solve a problem like her?

3-She’s a lovely young actress who appeared in “The Runaways”; grandfather was The King.

4-He stole his brother’s inheritance; grandfather’s name changed with announcement of his legacy.

5-Think Jurassic Park heroine; grandfather … how about “12 Angry Men,” “On Golden Pond,” “Mister Roberts.”

6-Ruggedly handsome, he died with his wife and her sister in a private plane crash; grandfather and grandmother had nine children, three sons with huge political stature.

7-He was an aspiring journalist/novelist with six siblings; grandfather and grandmother portrayed rock-solid, live-in mentors up on the eponymous mountain they inhabited.

8-He had long hair and a rebellious spirit; grandfather had eight sons.  Oh-how about the grandfather’s wheat-threshing great-grandmother?

9-She has the distinction of same first and last name (the latter of significant reknown in fashion world); grandfather had several key political roles-as did two sons!

10-He’s the police detective brother of series leading leady; grandfather spent most of his time under water.  And-both dad and uncle had pretty admirable film careers.

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