By: Peggy Campbell January 26, 2018

1-Medal-winning runner, WW2 hero, Billy Graham convert … he was unbroken! 

2-“The Great One.”

3-Butch Cassidy; Cool Hand Luke; Henry Gondorff; Judge Roy Bean … he was all those and more.

4-Wolfie’s dad / Valerie’s ex.

5-“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.”  Or—are removed from command when they oppose the Commander in Chief!

6-The hills were alive with the sound of her music.

7-Ebert’s other half.

8-Nominated for an Oscar playing Edward R. Murrow, I liked him best as blind “Whistler” Emery in Sneakers.

9-UCLA scholar renown for activism, working with the Black Panthers (and others), in the late 60s.

10-Our newest employee!  Hope it’s a great day, LG!

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