By: Peggy Campbell June 16, 2017

These are my kids.  Please name ME—one point for character/one point for actor … and one point if you can name the series ☺!

With apologies to anyone under 35 who won’t know half of these … but should!

1-Adam, Eric (aka Hoss), Little Joe

2-Mary, Laura, Carrie

3-Richie, Joanie

4-Greg, Marsha, Jan, Peter, Bobby, Cindy

5-Theo, Vanessa, Rudy, Denise, Sondra


7-4-Wally, Theodore (aka Beaver)

8-Haley, Alex and Luke

9-D.J., Stephanie, Michelle

10-Alex P., Mallory, Jennifer

“Hey, Peg!”  Send her your answers & get your score >>


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