By: Peggy Campbell September 21, 2018

1-Origination was Waco TX in 1880s … wouldn’t you want to be one too?

2-Footware that “helps you move more comfortably and confidently” 😄.

3-Flavors include:  Black Cherry; Original Cream Soda; Extra Dry Ginger Ale; Cel-Ray; Root Beer.

4-Wacky American radio broadcaster who began in L.A. in 1970 and closed shop on the nationwide show in 2010.

5-Wheel-chair bound mad scientist and creator of “Sally.”

6-It’s … “dog-gone good.  Ruff!”

7-Chinese criminal genius who was the hero-villain of short stories, movies, novels by Sax Rohmer.

8-Main character of 1818 novel by Mary Shelley.

9-Cantankerous physician in eponymous TV series that made Hugh Laurie a hit.

10-Ed Atsinger thanks this preacher every day for refusing the FCC to examine files 😄.

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