By: Peggy Campbell March 2, 2020

Can you name the movie and star(s) based on these key hints:

1-Five identical bags; streets of San Francisco; “Aw come-on, Steve, you don’t want to marry Eunice.”

2-Crop duster & cornfields; Mount Rushmore; case of mistaken identity.

3-Bicycles—off-road (!); Reese’s Pieces; “Phone Home”!

4-Iconic 1968 green mustang [just sold at auction!]; streets of San Francisco (again); earnest cop v mobsters.

5-Chicago physician; train wreck; Provasic!

6-Jimmy Durante “kicks the bucket”; The Big “W”; destruction of a gas station.

7-NYC cops v drug smugglers; Popeye; commandeered Pontiac LeMans.

8-Pontiac Trans-Am; Flying Nun; Mulberry Bridge.

9-Possessed semi-truck; Steven Spielberg directed; formerly “Chester.”

10-Former Top Gun; train v chopper chase; “This tape will self-destruct …”!

AND … every James Bond film made—name one J!

BONUS:  White Ford Bronco; 5 Freeway; Football … 1994!

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