By: Peggy Campbell January 24, 2020

1-From FRENCH:  Type of dance that includes (typically) tights and tutus.

2-From NAHUATL (Aztecs):  Some like milk, some like dark, some like white.  Some like it all.

3-From YIDDISH:  Someone who may be uncoordinated or unbalanced; apt to slip, fall, or break things by accident.

4-From CHINESE:  Very, very enthusiastic.

5-From JAPANESE:  Literally “empty orchestra”—get it?!

6-From SPANISH:  Nap.

7-From ITALIAN:  Annoying photographers.  Just as H&M.

8-From RUSSIAN:  Thin pancake often with filling.

9-From HINDI:  Night attire.

10-From GERMAN:  Broken, useless, no longer effective.

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