By: Peggy Campbell May 16, 2017

This quiz originally appeared last Friday, in honor of Mother’s Day.  If you want the weekly quiz delivered in real time, let us know in the comments below—it goes out to “first responders” every Friday!

1-Beatles croon.

2-All ABBA tunes.

3-Stevie Wonder object of affection.

4-Vickie Lawrence role, spun-off from Carol Burnett show.  (Sorry for those under 40.)

5-Married to Pa, Marjorie Main played opposite Percy Kilbride in a number of films from the 30s.

6-Recently underwent significant weight loss.

7-She was the infamous mother of a family of criminals during the “public enemy years.”

8-Michelle Phillips and Cass Elliott with John Phillips and Denny Doherty.

9-Had her son, George, not been born … oh, the impact.

10-Can’t help it.  Of cello fame.

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