By: Peggy Campbell October 31, 2016

This won’t be very fair for anyone outside of AAA but I couldn’t do any other trivia today as we celebrated Margaret’s 90th birthday this past Thursday! So here we go :)!

1-What is Margaret’s middle name?

2-Where did she meet Al?  (Be as specific as possible J.)

3-How long did Al wait to know if Margaret would accept the wedding proposal?

4-Margaret’s musicianship was gifted to many churches but where did she play the longest?  Who was pastor?

5-On what nationally-syndicated TV show did Margaret guest as organist?

6-Margaret and Al have lived in a dozen locations in their 68 years together.  Which place was Margaret’s favorite?

7-What’s Margaret’s favorite “leisure” activity?

8-Name one adventurous activity she’s undertaken—BONUS if you give an unduplicated answer.

9-What is Margaret’s famous “tagline” for life?

10-Give me one word that describes Margaret Sanders.


Know the answers?  Email them to Peggy >>


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