By: Peggy Campbell March 26, 2018

1-Arnold in one of his most memorable roles plays Douglas Quaid (not to be confused with you know who, Haley)—construction worker/secret agent.  Title of the film?

2-She has a fictitious memory impairment called Goldfield Syndrome (short term memory loss); he is a vet finding it hard to commit to a serious relationship.  Movie?  Actors?

3-“Sparks” fly when an elderly woman recalls her true life path hearing a fellow nursing home resident read an old journal.  Title?  Can you name the four stars?

4-Goldie Hawn, as an obnoxious wealthy woman, loses her memory temporarily in what movie, co-starring her husband.  Title?  Husband?

5-In one of the most hilarious episodes of the series, this OCD detective is struck in the head and finds himself married to “Cora”!  Detective?  Know who played “Cora”?

6-Peter Gallagher also loses his temporarily after a tumble on tracks.  Movie Title?  Co-Star?

7-Andrew Lloyd Weber made it famous in which of his musicals.

8-She “kept swimming” and eventually finds lost parents.  Who?

9-First in a series, a man picked up by a fishing boat suffering from amnesia then finds himself in a race to elude assassination.  Name the character in this movie series based on a popular novel series.  Name the actor who made the role famous.

10-Unscrupulous corporate attorney (played by versatile actor renown for several iconic blockbusters) is shot in a robbery—and transformed.  Remember the title?  Who is the attorney?

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