By: Peggy Campbell November 10, 2017

With apologies to those not heading to DC next week ☺️:

1-What city was the nation’s first capitol?

2-What river historically makes its way through DC?

3-The most visited museum in town is the National Museum of Air & Space which includes the command module that brought astronauts back to Earth after the first moon landing (1969).  Name?  Occupants?

4-At the end of the Mall is the Capitol building.  What former President died in this building?  What is the statue called at top of the dome?

5-A seven-acre park remains situated directly across from the White House.  Its name?  In whose honor?

6-At Massachusetts & Wisconsin Avenues is the beautiful National Cathedral.  Who is the only US President buried here?  Whose memorial service was held here in 2012?

7-“I Have a Dream.”  Who made the speech; where; what year?

8-How many museums comprise the Smithsonian Museum in total?  Name two.

9-What British band performed their first live stateside concert at the Washington Coliseum?  What milestone event preceded their coming to DC?

10-We won’t see blossoms but what tree lines the Tidal Basin—where and when did those come to DC?

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