By: Peggy Campbell February 20, 2018

1-Who won the 100th USA Winter Olympics Gold Medal and for what sport?

2-Another gold went to 2014’s youngest-ever slalom champion.  Name?  Name of the coach?

3-Speaking of which, you probably have guessed that the “gold” medal ain’t that.  It’s mostly silver and copper.  Any guess on what it would cost the IOC if it were gold??

4-Silver isn’t bad either.  Nick Goepper won that medal.  Do you know for what event?  And what did Nick battle that makes the win all the sweeter?

5-Which country’s defending Olympic champion wowed the crowd with his performance?  Event?  And—what’s up with WP?

6-By what nickname are skaters Maia and Alex known?

7-Which sport is missing US pro players who typically compete?

8-By the way, how many athletes on the US team?

9-Give me one word you might heard being yelled by a member of a curling team :).

10-At what event would you hear the term twizzle.

Trivia: “Are you going for the GOLD?  Check your answers with Peggy >> OLYMPICS #2”


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