By: Peggy Campbell February 9, 2018

So … here we go again!  😊

1-Where were the first Winter Olympics held?  What year?

2-Name one new sport being introduced at 2018 Games.

3-What is the mascot for Winter 2018 Games?

4-What is the motto of the Olympics, found on every medal?

5-What country has won the most Winter Olympic medals; how many?

6-Who is the most decorated Winter Olympian and what sport?

7-What made the 1980 Winter Olympics remarkable?

8-Name the youngest Winter Olympics champion.  Any idea oldest?

9-Which Olympic team/sport was the subject of a 1993 Disney film?

10-A camel spin that turns into a sit spin was named after what USA skater?  (Nice hair, too.)

Trivia: “Are you going for the GOLD?  Check your answers with Peggy >>OLYMPICS 2018”


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