By: Peggy Campbell February 23, 2018

So sad that we were too busy with NRB to watch this year—or to make up a really good quiz!  🙂

1-At 33, who failed to make gold (bronze will have to do) in what is probably the last attempt for downhill skiing?

2-Whose daughter just headed to South Korea for final games?

3-Alina Zagitova just won a gold medal at this Olympics—first gold 2018 for which country?  What sport?

4-What country ends up with most medals this Winter Olympics (even though not over yet!)?

5-How did USA women’s hockey do?

6-Who competes in men’s hockey for championship?0

7-Who anchors NBC’s coverage of the closing games?

8-Who carries the US flag for Team USA at the closing ceremony?

9-Where are the 2018 Paralympics held?

10-Where are Winter Olympics 2022 being held?

Trivia: Are you going for the GOLD?  Check your answers with Peggy >>


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