By: Peggy Campbell October 20, 2017

These terms all come from the boxing or wrestling world 😊 … got it?

1-Quit something, unusually when failing at it already.

2-Popular TV series of 80s.

3-Free of any usual limit or rule.

4-Declare candidacy.

5-A really important guy.

6-Say something too personal or unfair.  [No longer applicable in politics.]

7-Engage vigorously in argument or dispute; a prolonged struggle.

8-Describe in detail.

9-Get there first.

10-[One of my personal all-time favorite life messages]  Deal with problems or difficulties by doing whatever you need to do.  Don’t flip out—keep movin’!

Do your answers go the distance?  Send them to Peggy and she’ll send your score!


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