By: Peggy Campbell February 22, 2019

1-At the bottom of every Oscar statue is a small golden film reel with five spokes that represent the original branches of the academy (actors, directors, producers, technicians, writers).  How many branches exist today?

2-For 68 years, the rule has been that the Academy has right of first refusal on any statue being sold—they purchase for $1.00.  Before 1951, however, no such rule.  What Oscar statue brought the highest price in history—and who purchased it?

3-The solid bronze statues are cast in NY at the Polich Tallix foundry before being coated in 24-karat gold.  How much does the statue weigh when finished?

4-Much like NRB :), the largest portion of revenue for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences rests on one event—the Academy Award televised show.  Most recent information (2017) is academy annual revenue of $122 million.  How much does ABC pay for the rights to televise the event?

5-Of the many items in the Oscar “swag bag” (valued at over $100K!) this year, there’ll be a bag of Pepperidge Farm cookies.  Which PF cookie brand will be eaten by recipients?

6-In Academy history, only five actors have won consecutive Oscars.  Name two.

7-We almost always are surprised by the height of actors—shorter than they seem.  Who was the tallest actor to receive an Oscar?

8-Know about EGOTs?  That’s Emmy / Grammy / Oscar / Tony.  Who is “up” for an EGOT with this Oscar presentation?

9-One Oscar nominated “Best Picture” film is a remake.  Name the film—and at least one actor who starred in a previous edition (1976, 1954, 1937) 🙂.

10-In 2014, an Oscar-nominated tune lost its nomination.  Can you name the singer—and painter, writer, speaker, advocate, hero 🙂who sang it.  And remember the title of the song?


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