By: Peggy Campbell August 23, 2016

1-It’s the second longest river in the world.  (Do you know which is longer?)

2-Brazil encompasses over 3 million square miles.  Where does that put the country in worldwide ranking?

3-What’s the official language of Brazil?

4-Name one famous Rio beach.

5-For what is Mount Corcovado renown?

6-What is the meaning of this Summer Olympic host city’s name?

7-It was held on July 16, 1950.  How many paid spectators attended the World Cup that year?

8-Rio locals are called what?

9-When did the Carnival tradition (40 days of reveling) begin?

10-What famous movie scene was filmed on the cable car at Sugar Loaf Mountain?

BONUS:  How soon will Ryan Lochte be returning to Rio?  All I can say is … shame, shame, shame.

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