By: Peggy Campbell October 6, 2017

Last week those who ran TO … this week the run FROM group!

1-He ran from the boss’s wife. Still, he ended up in prison.

2-She fought with her boss’s wife when she became pregnant. Talk about tension in the house. Off she went!

3-He ran off to Tarshish via ship. Shoulda headed straight to Nineveh!

4-They heard some very good news and ran straightaway to the cemetery.

5-He was an adopted prince but ran away when his true heritage was revealed after a death.

6-He ran away without the linen cloth wrapped around him when the one he was following was arrested.

7-He ran away—with his two wives (sisters) and children when his father-in-law became “not as friendly as he had been before” (!).

8-He was a Christian runaway slave, favored by Paul.

9-He wife helped him run away when his royal father-in-law sent messengers to kill him in the morning.

10-They ran away from the scene of pigs at sea.

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