By: Peggy Campbell May 4, 2020

1-Her husband was dumbfounded at the news he was going to be a father.

2-She gave her son a new coat every year.

3-She sent her son on a “cruise” early in life. And thereby saved it.

4-Her handsome dreamer son couldn’t get along with his many siblings, half or not.

5-Her firstborn son ended up a murderer.

6-She had her first and only child at age 90. Whoa!

7-Her daughter was a provocative dancer.

8-This mom tricked her blind husband into giving the bulk of inheritance to her favorite son. Talk about family issues.

9-Along with her own mom who gets mention, she raised a son with two Pauline letters to his name.

10-Her illicit affair created a 2000-year enmity.

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