By: Peggy Campbell November 3, 2017

1-Robin’s neighborhood.

2-“Life is like a box of chocolates.”

3-Amazon’s (the other Amazon) claim to fame—also found in cities in USA.

4-Founded by Henrietta Mears and place of historic commitment by men like Billy Graham and Bill Bright.

5-Associated with Brothers Grimm fairytales, it’s also a REALLY good cake!

6-According to Al … Disneyland for shut-ins (California fame).

7-According to Guthrie, this land (made for you and me) stretches from the Gulfstream waters to this.

8-Only YOU can prevent these, remember.

9-Longtime site historically of the US Tennis Open.

10-Popular actor who won Academy Award for role of Idi Amin.

BONUS:  Everyone at Ambassador should know this!  Who is known as the Father of Radio????

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