By: February 15, 2019

See how well you do with this week’s quiz!

1-Sign-off of every “The Waltons” show.

2-Written in 1947, this Margaret Wise Brown book is a children’s classic.

3-Tune from Music Man … we hate to leave you now!

4-Donny & Marie closed each show with this sign-off.

5-What most parents give to their child at tuck-in time.

6-Title of the final episode of a series set in the Pacific Northwest featuring a talk show host.

7-Practically wordless children’s bedtime picture book featuring zoo-keeper and large ape.

8-Popular 1950s tune … it’s time to go.

9-Title of 2005 film, named for the sign-off of highly-esteemed newsman of the McCarthy era.

10-“Pleasant dreams and sleep tight … “!

Good luck!  See if your answers are right — email Peggy to see how well you did!


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