By: Peggy Campbell August 26, 2016

Barely in the rearview mirror … remember this from 2016 Summer Olympics?

1-He broke the record books with a transformed life and 23 total lifetime Olympic titles.  Who?  Sport?

2-The selfie seen round the world … competitors from what two countries with a very strained relationship made the press with their sweet smiles?  Sport?

3-She never stopped smiling—and took home five medals including that for all-around best in her field.  Who?

4-He’s the world’s fastest man.  Again.

5-In another sweet “flip” of images, a little girl stands in line for an autograph for her hero a decade ago.  At this Olympics, he was waiting on hers.  Which Olympians?  (Actually, there was more than one such photographic memory—either answer will win.)

6-What’s unique about Olympian Simone Manuel?

7-We’ve seen it before and it’s always inspiring.  Who showed the true Olympic spirit in Rio by helping a fallen competitor up after a mid-race collision?

8-The list includes names like Bob Mathias, Rafer Johnson, Bill Toomey, (yes) Bruce Jennings, and Bryan Clay … this year who was the all-around best athlete?  Event title?

9-What stopped Sam Kendricks short in his run at the pole vault?

10-Which country brought home the most medals?

How much do you remember?  Email your answers to Peggy >>


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