By: Peggy Campbell September 22, 2017

1-He ran when he spotted his disheveled son coming homeward.

2-He ran to meet three strangers then ran back to have his wife fix a meal—just before she laughed loudly at a comment of the visitors.

3-She ran when she heard the ex-prisoner’s voice, leaving him at the door while she rushed to give the gathered prayer group the good news.

4-He ran to his mentor thinking he’d been summoned. Nope, that voice was God’s!

5-He ran after his similarly-named predecessor when the mantle was put on his shoulders as he plowed a field.

6-He ran, when the other disciples were in disbelief, to the purportedly empty tomb.

7-She ran when she learned that the stranger was actually a relative of her father—his nephew, in fact. (OK, and her future husband.)

8-He ran—to his brothers on the battle line … and to cut off the head of the enemy he knocked out.

9-He ran to the chariot of an Ethiopian who was reading the words of Isaiah.

10-He ran to a sycamore tree to see Jesus.

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