By: Peggy Campbell September 20, 2019

1-Built over 130 years ago in San Diego, it’s famous for its “Victorian beach resort” architecture that includes an iconic red roofline.

2-Home of Eloise—before they turned it into a condo project ☹ .

3-Pride of Yosemite where the annual Bracebridge Dinner requires winning a lottery ticket.

4-Renown as the location of The Shining and Episode 10 of Season 15 (Top Chef).

5-Called The Pink Palace of the Pacific, during WW2 it was used by the Navy as a place for R&R for military members.

6-Named for the author of the Psalms, it has hosted guests such as King George V, seven U.S. presidents, Winston Churchill … and the NRB EC J.

7-Also iconic architecture, the isolated hotel opened in 1887 and boasts the longest “front porch” in the world.

8-Its story was made into a movie, the gripping tale of a hotel manager who housed more than a thousand refugees during civil war in his country.

9-Ducks!  Ducks in the lobby!

10-Built in 1912,  it was first painted its iconic pink color in 1948.  It’s purported to be the basis for a “bird group”’s hit.

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