By: Peggy Campbell August 25, 2017

1-He shot JFK.

2-Prestigious school in Claremont—one of five in the city of “Trees & PhD’s” 😊.

3-Radio & TV personality of game show and “oops” ( ) fame.

4-San Francisco politician killed by guy with “Twinkie” defense.

5-He always told “the rest of the story”!

6-He and Tim Conway made a highly laughable pair for Carol Burnett.

7-Judy Garland played one of “restaurant” fame.

8-Actor renown primarily for playing the bad guy.  My favorite?  Vince LaRocca (Sister Act) 😊.

9-Three brothers founded the company which created or licensed Baby Huey, Casper, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Richie Rich, et al.  Impressive list!

10-So … who starred in the movie Harvey—and who was Harvey?

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