By: Peggy Campbell September 15, 2017

1-Put heads together for best thinking possible.

2-Precursor to significant trouble; title of book/movie about Winston Churchill pre-WW2.

3-During the 30s, Oklahoma and Texas experienced more than 250 of these—further catapulting farmers into poverty during the Great Depression.

4-Nineteen brave men were killed by one of these in 2013.

5-Make a rapid tour of an area—used often for stunt pilots 1920s, politicians, theatrical presentations.

6-Actress popular in 1950s comedy series (such as “My Little Margie”) 😊.

7-Movie based on a sea disaster in 1991 that starred George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

8-Soap opera that ran 20 years (1954-1974) and followed the travails of the Ames family of fictional Woodbridge.

9-When balls of ice fall from the sky.

10-Radio format that blends contemporary R&B, jazz fusion and pop music.

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