By: Peggy Campbell February 2, 2018

Well, why should football make all the news?  Let’s turn our attention to … ANIMAL PLANET!

1-The Puppy Bowl was inspired by what long-standing “holiday special”?

2-The first Unsportsmanlike Delay of Game penalty was issued for what offense?

3-How many puppies will participate in this year’s Bowl?  (BTW—they are all adoptable!)

4-The actual event is not live—it’s shot in October over two days.  How many cameras on the field?

5-What classic dog-owner training trick is used to help get the best shots?

6-The puppies are always cheered from the sidelines.  Any idea what animal(s) are featured 2018?

7-Lazy dogs are penalized just as rambunctious ones are.  Can you name that call?

8-Hallmark launched its own popular bowl in 2013.  What animal takes the field?

9-A special guest animal will assist the ref—that is the “rufferee”(who’s on his 7th year in that role)–this year.  Care to guess which animal accompanies Don Schachner?

10-There was a Puppy Bowl first in PB VIII.  Can you name the play?

Do your answers take you to the end zone? Check with Peggy >>


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