By: Peggy Campbell May 2, 2017

1-Served extensively in the South.

2-Sometimes simply yam.

3-Neil Diamond’s ode to JFK’s daughter.

4-Item on the Chinese food restaurant.

5-When we’ll meet on that beautiful shore.

6-Essentially homeless when released, this became an iconic part of his musical legacy—and a nickname. BTW—that’s Carole King on the piano and vocals as back-up.

7-Uh … knowing what the components are, not sure this is an appropriately named dish. Close runner-up to Haggis.

8-Parent’s oft quoted last words to a child tucked in bed. Also hit by Eurythmics.

9-Theme song for Harlem Globetrotters.

10-Early 70’s hit by Lynryd Skynyrd became 2002 movie hit with Reese Witherspoon.

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