By: Peggy Campbell July 12, 2016

Two answers each–what kind of animal and something more:

1-Dr. Doolittle has nothing on Scripture.  What animal talked and who did it address?

2-A bit of wisdom for the youngsters.  Don’t tease a prophet.  Who were kids teasing and what animal took their lives?

3-What kind of herd went over the cliff at the command of Jesus?  Where did that happen?

4-Samson wrestled one of these and won.  By the way, who was he on the way to see when he encountered the beast?

5-Found under a bush at “the last minute,” this animal took a son’s place.  Name the animal; name the son.

6-These devoured a wicked queen.  (I’m pretty sure they weren’t Scottish terriers.)  Who was the royalty that met her demise?

7-It crowed three times and made who weep bitterly?

8-They fed the prophet Elijah.  Where?

9-Jesus said not one would fall to the ground with the Father knowing it.  And who was renown for singing the song that affirmed this promise.

10-What animal did Noah use to confirm the flood had subsided?  At what event in the NT was the same animal present?
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