By: Peggy Campbell August 17, 2018


1- William Wallace fights for Scotland

2-Jenny meets Oliver; tho from very different backgrounds, they fall in love and marry; Oliver’s parents threaten to disown him; no one has to say they’re sorry.

3-He and his brother are both firefighters, battling an arsonist

4-Maximus Decimus Meridius is betrayed and forced to become an arena fighter

5-An attorney fights his former employer when he believes he’s fired for contracting AIDS

6-A poor boy falls for a rich girl aboard a doomed vessel

7-Captain Miller searches for the last surviving son

8-Thomas J. meets his demise with allergic reaction to bee sting–searching for BF Vada’s ring in the woods

9-Years after a plague kills most of humanity, the sole survivor in NYC struggles to find a cure

10-When his master dies, he’s adopted by a detective [name the detective and the pooch]

What plot twists did you get?  Check your answers with Peggy >>


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