By: Peggy Campbell June 27, 2016

1-Founded 1969 in SF, the store began by selling Levi’s and records.

2-Began in 1975 (Albany CA) where the original store remains in operation–affordable prices and “no appointment required”!

3-In 1927, Johnny Green began selling milk, bread and eggs out of an ice house–how convenient is that!

4-The initials stand for its byline (not owner initials) and its “wares” have extended far beyond the original health and beauty products when founded in 1963 (Lowell MA).

5-Throwing a little soiree?  Since 1986, this has been the place to go–expanded far beyond the East Hanover NJ launch.

6-Yep, really.  Manny, Moe & Jack founded the chain in 1921 (Philadelphia PA).

7-Before it went far beyond, this retail chain was simply named (Springfield NJ) for the two rooms it primarily serviced.  BTW–expired coupons still accepted.

8-The first one opened in Ft Lauderdale FL (1986) and it’s still a favorite stop if you can’t find a Staples nearby.

9-This health-conscious chain got its start in 1935 (Pittsburgh PA) when it was called Lackzoom–now known by its initials primarily.

10-The advent of Amazon dramatically impacted this iconic bookseller, founded 130 years ago in NYC.

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