By: Peggy Campbell August 11, 2017

Thanks for the idea, Noel 😊 … the list is so long I’m going to have to do Part 2 in a few weeks!

1-Don’t blink! Have to admit his 11 days as WH Communications Director were … “interesting.”

2-One of the highest paid TV acting jobs was lost by this son of a another well-known actor due to reckless lifestyle. Showing no one is indispensable, the show continued with a new “man.”

3-He later built a “Kingdom” but was fired from the Kansas City Star because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”—who’s laughing now!

4-This evening news reporter was pulled off the air by WJZ (Baltimore)—her consolation prize was a role on a daytime TV show People Are Talking which became a hit … and she became an empire.

5-Found asleep on the job (Standard Oil), he was ultimately terminated by his employer. Probably too much day-dreaming about characters like the Sundance Kid, Bob Woodward, Jeremiah Johnson, Jay Gatsby, Denys Finch Hatton, et al.

6-He clashed with the CEO and ultimately was canned for bad ideas like the Pinto. Hello, Chrysler!

7-He was “all shook up” when a concert hall manager told him to quit singing and go back to driving trucks. He did not.

8-Conducting experiments in his office at Western Union, he was terminated for spilling acid that ate through the floor. The lightbulb went on when he decided to pursue inventing full-time.

9-Despite popularity on a major network (and good income from best-selling books), he was given the boot for sexual harassment.

10-She could cook up a storm—but the worst one ended her show on the Food Network … for using racial slurs long in her past.

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