By: Peggy Campbell April 21, 2021

Know the Vice President described?  Giving you a HINT as to which ultimately also served as President 😊:

1-NO; known as Fritz to friends; second senator from MN to serve in the role; died this week at 93.

2-YES; his daughter married the grandson of the president he served; California senator with experiencing in losing and a dog named Checkers 😊.

3-NO; Hamilton made him a household name anew; anybody have a pistol handy?

4-YES; WW2 hero; fathered a president and a governor; later worked closely with former president from the other side.

5-NO; he invented the internet.  Really?  He did win the Nobel Peace Prize.  Former senator from Tennessee.

6-YES; a former “Rough Rider”; cousin of a later president; as a child witness the Abraham Lincoln funeral procession.

7-NO; actually the second VP to resign in disgrace (due to financial scandal—bonus if you know the first who did); also governor of Maryland.

8-YES; catapulted into role by the action of #7; Michigander; known for … well, ask Mr. Biden who had the same trouble 😊.

9-NO; known for political service in Indiana—oh, and for misspelling potato 😊.

10-NOT YET; first female Vice President whose sole national experience was four years as senator from CA before election to VP role.

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Answers to last week’s “SANS CALIFORNIA” Trivia:

1-William Hearst “getaway”        San Simeon

2-Last stop on the Route that winds from Chicago to L.A.              San Bernardino 😊 if you take the song’s lyrics to heart—I do!

3-Where Tony left his heart        San Francisco

4-Site of a famous Johnny Cash concert, performing a song by the same name       San Quentin

5-Where the swallows return every Spring    San Juan Capistrano

6-Dionne Warwick asked if we knew how to get to this town            San Jose

7-Home of the Nixon Summer White House        San Clemente [one of the most fun nights with Jon, attending a muckedy-muck event there many years ago]

8-The Golden State’s fault           San Andreas

9-Per Bing Crosby, he would settle down and never more roam when making this home    San Fernando Valley

10-Los Angeles harbor      San Pedro


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