By: Jennifer Perez March 20, 2017

When my husband and I served in High School ministry at our church, our youth minister would tell us that we were youth ministers, too.  At first I didn’t understand that since I was just a volunteer, but the longer I served in ministry, I began to realize how impacting and empowering that statement was.

This month on his feature, “The Garlow Perspective,” Pastor Jim Garlow talks a lot about the church and the reality that every believer is a minister.  He says that, “contrary to popular opinion, Christianity is not a spectator sport!”

You may think like I used to that “I’m just a layperson.”  But, Jim would encourage you that every believer is a minister and everyone is involved.  As your listeners hear these messages, they may react with surprise, alarm, or pleasure, but no matter the reaction, that statement remains true!

Jim says,

Repeat after me: “I am a minister!”  Let’s make that our “tweet” of the day!  While it may feel awkward at first, you should refer to yourself as a minister.  Why?  Because that’s what you are, or at least should want to become.  Layperson and pastor—both are ministers.  God has called you to serve Him, to share His love with others!  Partners—in ministry!

And, we thank you for ministering to those in your community.  May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

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