By: Lee Ann Jackson February 14, 2017

And just like that, a simple yet profound question from Anne Graham Lotz reminds me about what I know is true but I too easily lose sight of:

What are you missing because you’re not spending time alone with God?

In a recent video message, Anne reflects on how life is so busy and asks,

Are you missing  . . .

The insight He would give you on how to reach your unsaved family member?

The promise He wants to give you for your children?

Some recall into ministry service?

The fellowship of being with Him?

Already into this second month of 2017, and already the days are so full . . . what a timely reminder of the need for us (for me!) to be more intentional about time with God and in His Word.  So thankful for Anne and her commitment to help people develop and maintain a vibrant faith through His Word through her speaking, writing and her radio programs,  “Daily Light for Daily Living” and “Living it the Light.”

As Anne shares, “life is so busy . . . emails and cell phones make life more convenient but also more busy. Don’t miss what He wants to give you because you don’t spend time alone with Him.”


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