By: Selah Cosentino December 17, 2018

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” –Luke 1:38

These familiar words are a powerful piece of the Christmas story.  But what would have happened if Mary instead responded to Gabriel with …

“Thanks, but what you’ve described doesn’t fit my five-year plan at this time.  I have my whole life ahead of me and don’t want to be tied down with a baby before I reach my personal goals.  Plus, I’m getting married soon, and want time to adjust to being a wife before I add “mom” to the equation.  I appreciate the offer, but I’m going to pass this time.”

Could God have used someone else to accomplish His purpose?  Of course!  In fact, He could have used no one and still accomplished His purpose.  He doesn’t need humanity; He allows us to participate in His work.

But what would Mary have missed out on, if she hadn’t said yes to God’s will?

There’s the obvious answer … she wouldn’t have had the privilege of becoming the mother of Jesus—the Savior of the world.

I’ve been thinking this month about other treasures for her heart that I imagine she wouldn’t have received as deeply if she not been obedient to God’s plan … things like:

  • Finding identity truly in God
  • Building trust in God early in life
  • Growing faith exponentially

When she said yes, Mary embarked on a remarkable adventure with God, but as I think about her, I’m reminded, God wants to take each of us on a special adventure, too.  The question I’m asking myself is, Am I willing?

 For listeners who are tired, worn out, trying to force their own plan, or are unconvinced of God’s unconditional love … Max Lucado shares encouragement through the daily 1:00 feature, UpWords.  On a recent edition, Max said:

“The manger dares us to believe the best is yet to be.  I love Christmas because it reminds us how God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

Amen!  And, Merry Christmas!


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