By: May 1, 2018

Sitting in church on Sunday with my husband to my left and my son and his wife to my right—and my grandson in children’s ministry across the courtyard—I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude to the Lord for all He’s done in each of our lives.  And, I was especially grateful at that moment to have a church we can all attend together, one that has been well-established for decades.

That said, our church is new to us so I’m particularly mindful of the direction the church will take under the leadership of its new pastor.  John MacArthur has said there are many elements that make for a growing, healthy church but he’s convinced there’s nothing more crucial than the pulpit.  And, I couldn’t agree more.

So this month on “Grace to You,” I’m eager to hear the series of lectures John MacArthur gave on this subject.  With a compelling love for preaching, and a deep concern for the direction of modern congregations, John takes a rare departure from his usual verse-by-verse teaching to give your listeners (me included) some Insight Into a Pastor’s Heart.  These messages air May 7-11.

Later in the month, John presents one of his most practical series called, When Bad Things Happen to God’s People.  It’s an intimate look at the apostle Paul’s sufferings, showing us eight positive purposes for the suffering we experience, particularly helping us to develop spiritual strength which enables us to help others.  This study (airing May 14-18) will encourage your listeners to embrace trials and remain confident in God’s sovereign care for them.

A complete list of programming offered this month, on both the daily and weekend broadcasts, can be found in the May Program Tool Kit here.  In addition, coinciding with the study on suffering, Grace to You will make available two resources free to anyone who asks.  More details on-the-air later this month or by visiting

In closing I want to share with you a portion of John MacArthur’s letter to constituents in March as he described how the Lord has allowed their ministry to reach far and wide, including those in the military service.  After sharing a few examples of servicemen whose lives were impacted by Grace to You, John closes with this:

While we’ve never specifically tailored our ministry for those who serve in the military, God has allowed us to reach them with biblical truth in personal, meaningful ways.  And of course that’s just one small sliver of the total impact that Grace to You is having.  All the characteristics that enable our ministry to reach and serve believers in military service also enable us to reach and serve large cross sections of people in myriad situations.  Pastors, laymen, employees, professionals, educators, students, politicians, prisoners, commuters, homemakers, new Christians, and longtime saints.  In God’s good providence, everyone, everywhere, is within reach. 

All the reason why we’re so grateful for your partnership and the important role your radio station plays in extending the ministry’s reach into your community.  If there’s anything we can do to undergird those efforts, please let us know.



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