By: Jennifer Perez March 26, 2018

So, what’s so good about “Good” Friday?

Pastor Jim Garlow says, “If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ—it’s a ‘good’ question!”  Invite your listeners to tune in for the answer on a special edition of “The Garlow Perspective” airing this Friday, March 30th.  Jim shares . . .

Where is the “good” in Good Friday?

Good for who?  It certainly wasn’t good for Jesus.

One look at that cross and we can see how horrible it must have been.  The worst punishment ever conceived.

Yet it was good for us.  Great as a matter of fact.

What made it so great . . . why is something that happened so long ago, so far away, relevant to you and today?

When Jesus died on the cross, He literally took your sin and mine off of us and assigned it to Him.  His righteousness assigned to you and me—so that when God the Father looks at us, He sees only the righteousness of Christ His Son.

It truly is a GOOD Friday!

And, we thank you for your partnership in sharing the “Good News” with those in your audience.

Hope you enjoy a blessed Easter celebration!


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