By: Peggy Campbell May 10, 2021

So let’s try non-sports figures.  Can you give the “real name” for these nicknames?

1-The Little Tramp

2-Honest Abe

3-The Singing Cowboy


5-The King [some people add “of Rock ‘n’ Roll” but really …]

6-The Governator


8-Butch Cassid

9-The Virgin Queen

10-The Chairman of the Board

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Answers to last week’s “WHO?” Trivia:

1-Sultan of Swat     George “Babe” Ruth

2-Charlie Hustle      Pete Rose

3-Broadway Joe      Joe Namath

4-Mr. October         Reggie Jackson

5-King James            Lebron James

6-The Juice               O.J. Simpson (Bonus points to those answering Orenthal James Simpson)

7-Pistol Pete            Pete Maravich [This is worth reading—some of us well remember that day!]

8-The Great One    Wayne Gretzky

9-Big Papi                 Dave Ortiz


10-Black Mamba     Kobe Bryant



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