By: Peggy Campbell September 16, 2020

No, this is not a quiz on political speeches 😊.

 1-Mike Lindell’s invention.

2-Classic top of a lemon pie.

3-Per Stones instruction, get off of mine!

4-Circus, fair, baseball game—no matter where you have it, it’s pink (usually) delight.

5-The P of IHOP … and I don’t mean prayer.

6-Turkish or Terry—best out of the dryer.

7-Denver, Western, Spinach and Mushroom … et al.

8-Despicable Me prize.

9-Mr. Hearn of Laker fame.

10-Favored for make-up removal or dog’s ear cleaning.

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Answers to last week’s  “PILGRIM’s PALS” Trivia:

Hope you like Mr. Bunyan’s work!

1-They say it begins at home      CHARITY

2-Not permanent               TEMPORARY

3-John Sorensen, Barry Meguiar, Billy Graham (e.g.)            EVANGELIST

4-Stubborn              OBSTINATE

5-It drops as the gentle rain from heaven, per William Shakespeare            MERCY

6-Instruction from Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians (16:13)          STAND-FAST

7-Flexible; easily influenced or bent     PLIABLE       

8-SOS             HELP

9-It is “the better part of valor”             DISCRETION

10-Stevie Wonder hit                    SUPERSTITION


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