By: Peggy Campbell September 9, 2020

1-They say it begins at home

2-Not permanent

3-John Sorensen, Barry Meguiar, Billy Graham (e.g.)


5-It drops as the gentle rain from heaven, per William Shakespeare

6-Instruction from Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians (16:13)

7-Flexible; easily influenced or bent


9-It is “the better part of valor”

10-Stevie Wonder hit

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Answers to last week’s  “CHANNELING” Trivia:

1 – Huzzah!              BRAVO

2 – As in “the little brown” one who jumped over the fence             FOX

3 – Old-fashioned coin-operated machine that plays music            NICKELODEON

4 – From birth to death     LIFETIME

5 – America              USA

6 – Dynamite           TNT

7 – The air we breathe       OXYGEN

8 – Place a wager    BET

9 – Bright planet seen in the eastern sky before or at sunrise            DAYSTAR

10 -Atom or molecule with a net electric charge due of the loss or gain of one or more electrons   ION


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